Hear what others say about Dee Robinson

“It's been really nice working with you and I love the new M/Y D'Natilin”

Dennis Jones
"Dee was an easy choice. She's very precise and easy to work with....she's one hell of a lady....got so much damn energy. She's one of the best."
Vee King Shaw
"It is difficult to put into words the beauty of our boat. Your efforts at coordination and efficiency were excellent. Congratulations to me for picking you; and congratulations to you for doing such a great job."
Fay and Richard Kline
"I would like to commend you for your professionalism, diligence and creativity in designing the interior of Anjilis. I think there may have been several times when we would have gotten off the track had it not been for your diligence in that regard. We have all created a gorgeous yacht but I must commend you for your most significant contribution towards that end."
Lenny and Tony Petrarca
"You have created a floating masterpiece for which we are forever grateful"
Jan and Bill Stern
"Giving me the design expertise and originality that I expect"
Robert Levine
"Your attention to all the fine details and your quality of craftsmanship is beyond compare"
Marlena and Sammy Gershowitz
"I feel you have saved me several hundred thousand dollars on the project and once again I want to say thanks, you have been a rock I could count on completely"
John A. Porter
"I really believe you are the premier interior yacht designer in the world"
Felix S. Sabates
"I have engaged six interior design firms over the past twenty five years and my wife and I both agree that Dee Robinson is the best in design, scheduling, budget and satisfaction with the job."
John F. Miller
"Dee and her people have done a great job on all of our projects and I would recommend that others consider the capabilities of Dee Robinson Interiors for similar interior design projects."
Roger Penske
"We are extremely happy with the results you've achieved. The design and attention to even the smallest of details is certainly noticable by most everyone."
Jim Pattison
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